Woman paddles to build support for Healthy Oceans Act

May 12, 2009

Margo Pelligrino arrived in Apalachicola May 12.
Margo Pelligrino arrived in Apalachicola May 12.

Margo Pelligrino arrived at Baytowne Marina on May 15

Margo Pelligrino is a wife and mother of two from New Jersey with an important message to share.

Margo arrived in Apalachicola on May 12 on her way to New Orleans on her Eastern Outrigger canoe, paddling more than 1,000 miles in support of the Healthy Oceans Act.

Margo is collecting S.O.S. messages from residents who want to urge their representatives to protect, preserve and restore our oceans for future generations. Her goal is to build support for a Healthy Oceans Act, and steps to protect our oceans from global warming and ocean acidification.

Working with the National Resources Defense Council, and the last leg of the journey with the Gulf Restoration Network, Margo hopes to make a difference.

“We have gotten so use to decline, it isn’t shocking any more,” Margo stated when talking about the deterioration of our waterways.

“We are ruining the fabric, pulling out one thread at a time,” Margo said sadly.

But Margo believes society can make the necessary changes and stop future pollution.

The evidence of decline in Florida waterways was apparent along the way, as Margo’s encounters included two fishermen near Stuart that couldn’t keep their catch of the day due to worm infestation. Along the Fenholloway River, the contamination in the river caused an unbearable foul smell and burned Margo’s skin.

This is Margo’s third journey, and has already traveled more than 2,500 miles of America’s coast to inspire her children and others to take an active role in the stewardship of our oceans. She started in 2007 along the northern Atlantic seaboard.

At the end of her voyage Margo will deliver the S.O.S. messages to members of Congress, on behalf of healthy oceans legislation to fight global warming and promote clean energy.

Margo started her journey in Fort Pierce on the east coast of Florida on April 15, and has been blogging her experience at: http://www.onearth.org/author/healthyoceanspaddle

You can learn more about Margo’s trek, track her progress and donate to the cause at: http://www.miami2nola.com/

You can send an S.O.S. letter via the National Resources Defense Council at: http://www.nrdconline.org/campaign/nrdcaction_042709