Wildlife management area quota hunters can bring a guest

September 21, 2009

fwclogo20072FWC makes change to quota permit system

If you plan to hunt on a wildlife management area (WMA) this season, you should take note of a change the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission made to its quota permit system.  Hunters can now take a friend or family member on their quota hunt.

For every general gun, archery, muzzleloading gun, wild hog, mobility-impaired and spring turkey quota permit (excluding Blackwater WMA dog hunts and Holton Creek WMA mobility-impaired hunts), one no-cost, nontransferable guest permit may be obtained until the last day of the hunt at tax collectors’ offices and other license agents.  To take advantage of this, the guest must have a valid management area permit (unless exempt) as well as all other necessary permits and license required for the specific hunt.
2009-2010 guest permit worksheets are available for download at MyFWC.com/Hunting by clicking under “Limited Entry Hunts.”  Either the quota permit holder or the guest may fill out the worksheet and present it to any license agent.
The Customer ID numbers for both the quota permit holder and guest are needed to fill out the worksheet, as well as the guest’s date of birth and four-digit hunt number that identifies the specific hunt.  The hunt number is not printed on most quota permits, but it is on the quota permit holder’s quota hunt worksheet, which also is at the above Web address.
There are some stipulations to the guest permit, however.  Both quota permit holder and guest must enter and exit the management area together, share the same vehicle and share a single person’s bag limit.  Also, the guest may hunt only when the quota permit holder is present on the area.
Additionally, on areas that have zone tags, the permit holder and guest must hunt in the same zone.
Once issued, a guest permit cannot be changed or given to another person for their use, so it is recommended to wait until just before the hunt before obtaining it.  All guests must have picture identification when using their guest permit, and lost permits may be replaced for $2 at any license agent.

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