Wildlife lighting ordinance reading to be continued

January 5, 2009

Meeting at courthouse annex in Santa Rosa Beach will be continued until County hears from all interested parties

Second reading of a new wildlife lighting ordinance (a.k.a. sea turtle lighting ordinance) to be heard Jan. 13 at the Walton County commission meeting will be continued until the County hears from all interested parties.

Several beach front commercial properties objected to the lighting ordinance, stating cost factors as a major concern.

Currently, Walton County is one of the last counties in the state of Florida without any wildlife lighting ordinance in place. To view map go to:


If you have input you would like to share or support for the ordinance, contact your county commissioner and let them know before the next hearing is scheduled.

Scott Brannon Dist. 1 Commissioner
brascott@co.walton.fl.us (850) 835-4860

Kenneth Pridgen Dist. 2 Commissioner
prikenneth@co.walton.fl.us (850) 834-6328

Larry Jones Dist. 3 Commissioner
jonlarry@co.walton.fl.us (850) 892-8474

Sara Comander Dist. 4 Commissioner
comsara@co.walton.fl.us (850) 835-4834

Cecilia Jones Dist. 5 Commissioner
joncecilia@co.walton.fl.us (850) 622-305