Journey to the Shoal Sanctuary

November 12, 2008

Waterfall at Shoal Sanctuary in Mossy Head, Florida
Waterfall at Shoal Sanctuary in Mossy Head, Florida

The Shoal Sanctuary in Mossy Head is an unusual and peaceful place in north Walton County.
Owned by Robert and Chris Larson, the sanctuary is a place of refuge from a busy life.
In 2000 the couple acquired land adjacent to their 16-acres and began reforestation and creating trails. Long-leaf pine, ash magnolia, Torreya pine and other native trees have been planted to restore the land.
There is much to experience around the grounds and along the trails of the sanctuary. Robert has created sculptures in in a variety of mediums including stone. Each piece nestled in harmony with nature.
Hike down a ravine and you will find there is a small waterfall feeding a creek. Moss covers the sides of the ravine, and ancient mollusks coat the bottom. This special place has been the subject of research and has been on the national geological registry since 1926.
The Larson home can accommodate 8-12 overnight guests, and a small camper nestled in the woods named The Green Mansion can also accommodate 2 adults. Camping is also available.

How to get there
Take exit 70 on I-10. Go north to U.S. Hwy. 90. Go right one mile and turn left on Hi Note Road. Take Hi Note road 4 miles past water tower to bottom of hill. Stay on Hi Note road (unpaved), over bridge to Crowder Chapel Road. Turn right on Crowder Chapel Road and look for polka dot utility pole. Shoal Sanctuary is on the right.
Call first for reservations.
Phone: 850-651-0392

    1. The Website above is a record in photos and a couple of movies of my first visit to Shoal Sanctuary and meeting the Larsons. It is a wonderful place and I’m so glad you’ve written this good summary of what they are up to.

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