Walton County temporarily removes hay bales and barriers from beaches

May 12, 2010

Bales and concrete barriers placed at strategic locations until needed

Walton County Sheriff’s personnel and Walton County Public Works employees have removed hay bales and are in the process of removing concrete barriers off South Walton County Beaches.  The material has been placed at a strategic location in the event it has to be redeployed.

Walton County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Center Director, Captain Mike Barker says, “Every effort is being made to ensure that marine life is not affected in the removal process.  We have been in daily contact with Turtle Watch volunteers to make sure that turtle nests are protected from the heavy equipment.”

The situation with the oil in the Gulf of Mexico has changed drastically over the last week.  At this time, the oil is moving further away from Northwest Florida and closer to the Texas and Louisiana coastline.  Due to the changing situation, the response has been altered.   Captain Barker says, “This is why we have removed the hay and the change in plan from using concrete barrier walls.”  Captain Barker adds, “That Walton County EOC will remain flexible and be able to adjust to as the situation changes”.