Walton County ranch takes natural approach to raising lamb

March 9, 2010

Katahdin sheep at the R&R Ranch. Lori Ceier/Walton Outdoors

R&R Ranch in Gaskin raises grass fed Katahdin sheep

As many folks are searching more to find locally produced, healthier food, it is a reassuring to know Walton County residents have several local farms providing quality produce.

One such local farm that takes a natural approach is the R&R Ranch. Tucked away in the small country community of Gaskin, the ranch is owned and operated by Ronald and Rosemary Prokop.

The 43-acre farm specializes in raising grass fed Katahdin sheep; a breed that is woolless, easy to care for and naturally tolerant of climatic extremes.

The Prokops focus on feeding quality, natural ingredients to their flock. Using no growth hormones or steroids, the flock feeds on all natural forage grasses and legumes including rye, oats and wheat clover in the winter; and Bahiagrass, Bermuda grass, brown top millet, iron and clay cowpeas, deer vetch, Alice White clover, forage soybean, and deer plot sorghum in the summer months. The flock is also supplemented with mineral rich sea salt Sea90 and blackstrap molasses.

Typically ready for processing when they reach 100 lbs. the Katahdi has become increasingly popular over the years for its mild flavor. The naturally grass fed lamb reaps approximately 50 percent meat.

The ranch also offers Barbados black belly sheep in addition to the Katahdin.

The lambs are processed locally at the D&W Meat Processing facility in Newton, Ala., and all processing is done with USDA supervision and certification.

Ron has been farming most of his life and is a retired fire chief. Ron and his wife Rosemary, an R.N. at the Walton County Correctional facility, purchased the 43 acres of undeveloped property in 1997. The farm is situated on rolling hills with ponds and creeks providing fresh water on the six rotating grazing pastures. The Prokop farm “family” also includes a pair of Tennessee Walkers, a jenny, three Great Pyrenees, a Sheltie, and several geese and chickens.

To contact the R&R Ranch, go to: http://www.katahdingrassfedlambs.com, or call Ron or Rosemay Prokop at (850) 834-3333

If you are interested in purchasing individual cuts of meat, contact D&W Meat Products at: http://dandwmeatproducts.com