Walton County prepared to implement coastal dune lake protection plan

June 3, 2010

Walton County is prepared to re-counter the sand near coastal dune lakes in addition to booms that are already in place. ©Lori Ceier/Walton Outdoors

Initial precautionary measures are to re-contour the sand near the coastal dune lake outfalls

June 3, 2010: Walton County is prepared and ready to initiate our Coastal Dune Lake Protection Plan.  The Sheriff’s Office is currently awaiting the final phase of permitting from the Department of Environmental Protection, which is expected at any time.

Initial precautionary measures are to re-contour the sand near the coastal dune lake outfalls. Additional preparations will include use of booms as well as possible temporary closure of the lakes using sand that will be brought in to the lake areas, to provide a heightened level of protection based on weather patterns and surf conditions.   According to the DEP, recent reconnaissance aircraft spotted oil sheen 6 miles from the Navarre Pier this morning.  It is still unsure when or if oil will make it to our coast line.

Walton County’s protection plan is being managed by Walton County Public Works, in conjunction with engineers and contractors.  The Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management, is monitoring the situation closely at a level 2 EOC activation, and staying in close contact with state and federal officials.

As they monitor the situation, the U.S. Coast Guard is managing staging areas in Panama City and Pensacola, which includes equipment such as boom and skimmers.  They also have a large number of workers at these areas, ready to respond to Walton area if needed.  Vessels of opportunity are patrolling the coastlines monitoring the situation and are prepared to begin clean up efforts off shore to help prevent oil from reaching our coastline.
Volunteers are encouraged to call 1-866-448-5816, for information of volunteer efforts.
The Sheriff’s Offices will continue to update it’s website (www.waltonso.org) to keep the public informed of any new developments concerning this incident and potential impacts.