Upcoming Master Naturalist Special Topics Course Dec. 6-8

November 15, 2011

Learn environmental interpretation

The Florida Master Naturalist Program promotes awareness, understanding and respect of Florida’s natural world among Florida’s citizen and visitors.  Since the program began in 1999 over 4,000 individuals have completed at least one forty-hour module.  Nearly 1,000 of the graduates have earned recognition on the Master Naturalist Honor Roll by completing all three ecosystem modules.  Florida Master Naturalist graduates share their knowledge with others and foster principles of sustainability, connectivity and biodiversity.  In 2010, four Special Topics (Environmental Interpretation, Conservation Science, Wildlife Monitoring and Habitat Evaluation) were developed to provide students with more detailed information and hands-on skills in specific subject areas.  The twenty-four hour modules are offered at a cost of $150 each.  These Special Topics courses improve the participants’ ability to contribute to environmental education, scientific data collection and conservation planning efforts.  No previous Master Naturalist training is required.

The UF/IFAS Okaloosa County Extension Service in partnership with the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge is offering the Master Naturalist Environmental Interpretation Special Topic module on December 6-8, 2011.  The classes will be held at the Okaloosa Island Public Safety Center in Fort Walton Beach from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.  Participants have the opportunity to practice skills and techniques presented in class.  Each workshop includes a practical activity where concepts introduced during the workshop are reinforced.

For more information, contact Brooke Saari (bsaari@ufl.edu) or Sheila Dunning (sdunning@ufl.edu) at (850) 689-5850.  To register for the Environmental Interpretation class, go to www.masternaturalist.ifas.ufl.edu.  Registration closes on December 1, 2011.