Unique holiday gift ideas from Walton Outdoors

December 2, 2009

postcardfrontThis year, consider giving something that keeps on giving

The holidays are such an exciting time of year as family and friends share the spirit of giving. This year, here are a few creative ideas that are sure to please any recipient that enjoys the outdoors and cares the protection of our environment.

Florida State Parks annual membership
Annual entrance passes allow you to discover, experience and enjoy Florida’s 160 beautiful state parks 365 days a year.
Annual Entrance Passes allow park entrance in lieu of the daily entrance fee. What a great gift!
Individual Entrance: $60.00 each, plus tax
Family Entrance: $120.00 each, plus tax
Click here for more information

Help protect our environment and join an advocacy group


surfriderSurfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of our world’s oceans, waves and beaches.
Clean Water: Protect and restore coastal water quality from the ridges, through our watersheds and out to the nearshore ocean where we surf, swim and recreate.
Beach Access: Promote the right of low-impact, free and open access to the world’s waves and beaches for all people.
Beach Preservation: Protect and preserve healthy beaches that are important coastal ecosystems and recreational areas.
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South Walton Community Council membership
Join the local advocate group that focuses on environmental issues in South Walton, as the SWCC spearheads local action for a cleaner, safer environment for the area. The group also focuses on education, with the Nancy James scholarship that provides nature-based educational activity for students in our local schools, and sponsors the Back To Nature Festival which is a weekend event focusing on outdoor events that highlight the beautiful nature to explore in the area. Click here for more information


audubonNational Audubon Society
In addition to be the stewards of our beloved birds, the National Audubon Society is much more, as the organization is involved in ecosystem restoration, clean water, education and education. Give a membership and surprise your loved one with a special gift that will last. There is also a place on their website where you can join a local chapter and be a part of making a difference. Click here for more information

Nature Conservancy
Adopt an acre of Southern Coastal Plain Forests
You can help protect one of the world’s most beautiful and diverse habitats when you Adopt an Acre.
In the midst of the meandering bayous and rivers of the Southern United States are the last remaining stands of bottomland hardwood and longleaf pine forests. From the rare yellow-fringed orchid to the colorful cerulean warbler, the magnificent Southern Coastal Plain Forests teem with unique plants and wildlife, including more than 300 rare or endangered species. Click here for more information

Children’s educational books:
doyouknow“Do You Know Where the Sea Turtles Go?” by Paul Lowery and Tim Thomas
This is a great book to introduce children to sea turtles. This is an environmentally correct children’s book about the life of a loggerhead sea turtle named Myrtle. The story takes the reader through the complete circle of life of a young sea turtle; from her hatching from her egg beneath the sand to returning back to the very same beach to lay her own clutch of eggs, via a journey across thousands of miles of oceans.Sea turtle endangerment is emphasized to help children appreciate the need to protect them. you can find this great educational book at Sundog Books, 89 Central Square, in Seaside. 850-231-5481

dearchildren“Dear Children of the Earth” by Schim Schimmel
This soft narration as told by Mother Nature narrates the importance of our environment and caring for our planet. The book has incredible full-page illustrations of the many creatures we should care about. A wonderful way to introduce children to the importance of caring for our environment. Click here for more information