Time to apply for wild hog quota hunt permits

April 5, 2010

Phase I applications accepted until April 12

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is accepting applications through April 12 during its Phase I random drawing for quota permits to hunt wild hogs on selected wildlife management areas.

These quota permits are for hog-only hunts (both still and dog), where hunters can use modern firearms.  Many of the new summer hunts are night-only hunts.  In addition, permits for the dog hunts allow hunting with up to three dogs at a time, two hunters and one gun.

On several WMAs, quota permits are required during many hunts.  A quota is the maximum number of hunters allowed on a particular WMA.  The quota helps prevent overcrowding and provides a better quality and safer hunting experience.  Quotas also help control game harvests, and they are set based on an area’s size, habitat, game populations and regulations.

Worksheets for wild hog quota permit applications are available at MyFWC.com/Hunting under “Limited Entry Hunts.”
Applying for these quota hunt permits is automated through the FWC’s Total Licensing System, but you must have an up-to-date $26 management area permit (unless exempt) before doing so.  To apply, take a worksheet to any license agent or tax collector’s office or submit an application at www.fl.wildlifelicense.com by midnight (EDT) April 12 during the first phase of the wild hog quota application period.

The FWC will post results for Phase I of the random drawing no later than April 22 at MyFWC.com/Hunting under “Limited Entry Hunts.”

The application period for Phase II of the wild hog quota hunt permits is April 27 through May 6 and also will be conducted by random drawing.  Only those who were not drawn in Phase I will be eligible to apply during Phase II.

The FWC will issue any remaining quota permits on a first-come, first-served basis during the Phase III application period, beginning at 10 a.m. (EDT) May 25.  Anyone can apply during Phase III, regardless of whether a person was successful in drawing a permit during Phase I or II.
Go to MyFWC.com/Hunting for more information or to learn about other limited entry hunts, application periods or deadlines.

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