The South Walton Garden

November 10, 2008

What’s happening in your garden?

Fall is a great time to plan for next year in your garden, also an excellent time to plant everything. It gives the plants a chance to establish a good root system, so that they are ready for their first hot, hot summer.

1) Take a close look at your garden/ landscape.   What do you expect from it?  Do you need curb appeal?  Do you want shade/ more sun?  Is their an area that’s giving you problems?  Check for disease on your plants! What would you enjoy seeing out of your kitchen window, from your deck, etc.?

2) You probably have some cleanup to do. Trimming  trees off the roof, trimming lower palm branches that are dead or broken. Pruning shrubs back from pathways or that are touching your house. Removing vines from trees and shrubs.

3) Determine what needs to be replaced or added to your garden/ landscape.  Examples are many: native plants, butterfly plants, hummingbird plants, fall color bed or containers, trees for future shade, shrubs for  screening to create more privacy, herbs and edible  plants. Fragrance is another factor to consider.

4) Complete your look with a fresh layer of mulch. Your choices are many:  pinestraw, cypress mulch, pinebark, mulch, colored or rubber.

5) Enjoy your garden/ landscape and have fun.  We can grow a wide range of plants here in the South Walton area.

Gardening Tip:
Save your old coffee grounds to put around scale infected plants instead of toxic chemicals. Some major scale prone plants are sago palms, oleanders, dwarf indian hawthorne, russian olive, pittosporum.

The South Walton Garden is by Roger Bates and Tom Sloyan of Daisy’s Garden Shop.
For help with your garden/ landscape email them at or call 850-200-5571
You can also stop by Daisy’s Garden Shop, 84 Veterans Road, Santa Rosa Beach