The South Walton Garden

February 19, 2009


Getting through to Spring in your garden

February in South Walton is still cold to me.  Some of my favorite plants that get to Spring are:

speciman or hedge
evergreen with beautiful red blooms
attracts hummingbirds
dwarf, medium, tall and weeping varieties

japonica (large leaves) or sasanqua (small leaves)
depending on variety -early blooming November to late blooming March
beautiful red, pink, white, doubles and bi-colors are available
compact to tree forms

Tea olive.
Tea olive.

Tea Olives
small ornamental trees or hedge
tiny white flowers that are fragrant and blooms throughout the year

Scarlet Honeysckle
native and evergreen
red blooms throught the year
attracts humingbirds and salt tolerant

These four plants have been blooming since January for me.

Consider adding some of these tough blooming plants to your garden.

Also, there is still time to enjoy pansies and snapdragons in containers.  Some fresh color will help get rid of the February Blues!

If you love roses, or interested in learning more, we need your help in forming the new South Walton Rose Society. Please call or email me to join us.  We have a long growing season for roses.

Now is a great time to clean up, plant something new, prune and shape existing plants in your garden. Do it now and get a head start on Spring.
Schedule a consulation now to get your garden ready for Spring.
We have our web site under construction to better serve you in the future, stay tuned for more details.

The South Walton Garden is by Roger Bates and Tom Sloyan of Daisy’s Garden Shop.
For help with your garden/ landscape email them at or call 850-200-5571
You can also stop by Daisy’s Garden Shop, 84 Veterans Road, Santa Rosa Beach

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    1. Tom and Roger are WONDERFUL to work with. They transformed my yard into a tropical paradise!!!

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