The alluring courtyards of Alys Beach

September 14, 2012

Walters viburnum hedge and Chinese Pistache tree decorate this courtyard. Lori Ceier/Walton Outdoors

Natural elegance incorporates courtyard homes

As one strolls through the breezy pathways of Alys Beach, it takes little time to realize you’ve arrived at a very special space. The white washed walls and natural elements evoke a sense of welcome to this unique beachside South Walton community.

The town’s architectural vision drew inspirations from Bermuda and the family courtyard homes of Antigua, Guatemala, making the Alys Beach style unlike anything else along Scenic Highway 30A. A light, airy Mediterranean feel, where the blue sky bounces off of the white walls inviting you in to explore. The alluring views into the open-air courtyards, and the delicate sound of the water features are simply irresistible.

Native crossvine adorns this pool trellis. Lori Ceier/Walton Outdoors

Stepping into the outside is a standard feature of the Alys Beach courtyard homes. The open-air walls are draped with native vines, along with ground cover filling the walkway openings. The feel is as if Mother Nature found an accommodating timeless companion.

Planting native flora is part of the master guideline at Alys Beach, making each home a host to a natural environment. Using native flora ensures success with minimum maintenance.

Grand ideas and thoughtful planning come to life at Alys Beach.

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Venturi effect:

There are many unique design features within the town of Alys Beach. One that brings the air of comfort is the Venturi effect.

“Maximizing the effects of sea breezes is a key to creating a comfortable environment. That’s why before we built Alys Beach we commissioned a study of Gulf wind patterns.

The Venturi effect creates light breezes through the walkways of Alys Beach. Lori Ceier/Walton Outdoors

We oriented the streets of Alys Beach to catch the drafts that blow toward shore each day and toward the Gulf each night. And we set off our beautiful courtyards with covered zaguans, or entry courts, that admit Gulf breezes. Both the zaguans and our streets utilize the Venturi effect – routing breezes through narrow spaces to create stronger air currents. This keeps the air flowing through our streets in summer. And it helps our courtyards provide cross ventilation for indoor spaces – infusing Alys Beach courtyard homes with sea air. It’s no accident that Gulf breezes are a refreshing part of life at Alys Beach – we designed it that way.”
– Town founders