SWELL to meet Jan. 29

January 22, 2009

earth-copySWELL to feature speaker Phillip Ellis

South Walton Environmental & Low-impact Living

Thursday, January 29, 2009, 6:00 p.m.
Redfish Village Owner’s Lounge
2046 Scenic Highway 30A
Blue Mountain Beach

Redfish Village is located on the corner of SR 83 (Blue Mountain Road) and Scenic 30A.
The Owners Lounge is on the second floor of the southwestern most building in the Village (behind the Redfish Village office).
Light snacks will be provided, though please feel free to bring a snack to share.

Phillip Ellis will be presenting  “Why We Do What We Do: A Yogic Perspective on Environmentalism”.

Phillip has long held an innate passion for working with people to inspire activism in creating a better community. This passion originally led him to work in the environmental field with an education in Marine Biology. During his professional career as an integral part of a local non-profit organization he witnessed, firsthand, the importance of impacting peoples’ lives through community outreach and development.

Recently, through his discovery of Yoga philosophy Phillip has refocused his talents for educating the public on difficult issues and facilitating community development in a new direction. Over the past few years he has intensely devoted himself to studying one of the oldest yogic lineages under Dandi Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati who is renowned for his deep, experiential understanding of this Himalayan Tradition. Phillip has dedicated himself to learning and practicing these teachings which he believes can empower individuals with the knowledge inherent in themselves to profoundly impact their
lives, their families and the community.

If you find yourself interested in the following things, join the group:
• Sustainable land use and construction practices
• Harmonious living between human and natural communities
• Creation and preservation of beauty
• Socially and environmentally conscious action
• Fascinating conversation
• Excellent food and drink

S.W.E.L.L. meets once a month at different locations in South Walton to appreciate each others’ company and provide a place for conversation about creating an abundant future.

If you would like to be on their mailing list, send an email to: chandra@cfhdesignstudio.com
Also, check out their blog at: http://sustainingsowal.wordpress.com/