Survivalist, Preparedness and Homesteading Expo in Wausau Oct. 25 – 26

October 15, 2014

mason-canning-jarsTime: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.,
Possum Palace, Possum Palace Drive, Wausau, FL

Traditional survival and preparedness vendors will be in attendance as well as fire arms dealers for the Survivalist, Preparedness and Homesteading Expo in Wausau Oct. 25 – 26.

The vendors will have many items to help you along your way to becoming self-reliant. Many homesteading vendors with how-to demonstrations as well as items to make your homesteading life a little easier, including self defense and survival techniques.

Exhibitors include: Firearm dealers, gunsmith, survival gear vendors, food storage containers, books on preparedness and homesteading, grain mills & wheat, military surplus items, self defense (hand to hand combat), storm shelters, heirloom seeds, different types of “homestead” animals for sale as well as demonstrations of how to care for, canning supplies, beekeeping, hide tanning, flint napping, cast iron cookware, broom making, quilting, and more.

There will also be an in-depth class on Saturday evening, after the Expo closes for the day on survival preparedness. Subjects will include but not be limited to overview of preparedness, long term food storage, emergency kits, medical necessities, communication, and more. This class will include a notebook with lists and information for you to take home. Cost is $20.The class will begin at 5:30p.m. and last until around 8:30 p.m. (light refreshments will be offered during a brief intermission). Area hotels will have a special rate for Expo attendees from out of town. You must pre-register at

For more information, call 850-596-1452 or e-mail