Spring in full swing for red fox pups along South Walton beaches

April 28, 2010

Two red fox pups frolic along the dunes near Seagrove. Photo courtesy Photos courtesy www.brandanbabineaux.com

Young red fox pups learn to forage and play along the sand dunes

South Walton resident and photographer Brandan Babineaux encountered several red fox pups with their mother April 28 near Seagrove Beach in South Walton. Spring was in the air as the pups were frolicking along the sand dunes as mother watched cautiously from afar.

There are two species of fox in Florida, the gray fox (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) and red fox (Vulpes vulpes).

Foxes are part of the dog (canid) family. Red fox have been widely introduced in Florida by fox hunting clubs and are now well established in many areas of the state. Consequently, the red fox is generally listed as an exotic species but may also occur in the Panhandle as the result of natural range expansion. Both species are primarily nocturnal hunters.

Mother fox watches over her pups. Photo courtesy www.brandanbabineaux.com

Fun facts:
Red fox pairs mate for life
Fox habitat are wooded flood plains, mixed forests
Diet includes rabbits, rodents, birds insects, plants and fruit
Typically a fox has one litter of four pups a year
Cunning stalking predator, caches excess food
Dens can be 40 ft. long with multiple entrances

Information courtesy University of Florida, IFAS Florida Extension Service.

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