Special needs in nature day at E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center March 8

March 6, 2014

E.O. Wilson Biophilia CenterRegister in advance for this special day

On Saturday, March 8th, the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center will host its second “Special Needs in Nature Day.”  If you have someone in your family with special needs, come join in on a great day exploring at the Center.

Activities will be focused to engage people with predominantly the Autism and Asperger spectrums.  This event provides an opportunity for people with special needs to connect with nature.  Several of the wildlife species at the E.O. Wilson Biophilia Center have special needs (i.e., may be missing a limb or an eye), so there is a natural connection.

The activities will include the interactive exhibit hall, turtle and bird presentations, marine and aquatic touch tanks, World of Wonder presentations (a digital experience of planet earth), Alaqua Animal Refuge Petting animals, performances by Reid Soria from Autism Sings, gardening, guided hikes along a handicap accessible trail.

There is no admission fee for this Special Needs in Nature Event, however food will be available for purchase.  Advance registration is strongly encouraged to aid in the Center’s preparation for attendance numbers.  If you plan to attend, please visit https://www.eowilsoncenter.org/public-events/special-needs-in-nature

Please visit www.eowilsoncenter.org to learn more about this non-profit educational center.