Snake avoidance clinic for dogs at Hammock Bay April 27

April 16, 2014

snakeavoidanceThe Emerald Coast Vizsla Club is hosting a Snake Avoidance Clinic with Dr. Bud Calderwood, DVM at Hammock Bay on Sunday, April 27, 2014.

Dogs are trained to associate the smell, sound and site of a snake with a negative reinforcement. Dr. Calderwood fits the dog with an e-collar to provide negative re-enforcement. The strength of the correction is calibrated for each dog and is somewhat stiff, so expect your dog to react accordingly. Bear in mind, this training could be LIFE SAVING. The snakes used in this clinic have been rendered safe by removing their fangs and taping their mouths shut.

The clinic consists of a small course where various venomous snakes are arranged in several situations. The dog’s handler is instructed to lead the dog through the course on a leash. Dr. Calderwood’s expertise in canine and reptile behavior allows him to apply the right correction exactly at the right moment for each snake encounter. He has gained this insight through years of experience with many hundreds of dogs. The dog is then lead back through the course to gauge its reaction to subsequent snake encounters. This training is used to allow your dog to associate the sound and smell of a snake with danger and train them to avoid the situation. In our “neck of the woods” this is a very important training that may save your dog’s life.

$50 for first dog in family, $40 for any other dogs in that family, $35 to re-check a previously tested dog. Please make checks payable to ECVC. Click here to download registration form: ECVC Snake Avoidance Clinic Flyer 2014

Requirements:  This is a community service and ALL BREEDS of dogs are welcome. Dogs must be leash-trained, over 6 months old and weigh at least 20 pounds. If you have a dog that is less than 20 lbs., but over 6 months of age, you may be granted a waiver, but will need to call first for special instructions from Dr. Calderwood. Priority will be given to pre-paid entrants and to members of the ECVC. Day of event entries may be taken as space is available.