Restoration complete along Econfina Creek’s Pitt and Sylvan Springs

May 16, 2012

Pitt Spring along Econfina Creek. Lori Ceier/Walton Outdoors

Recreation area now open

Northwest Florida Water Management has announced the reopening of Pitt and Sylvan Springs. The completed restoration and protection of the the two springs are now complete. The endeavor is the first phase of the District’s Econfina Springs Complex – Spring Restoration and Protection Project.

Completed facilities at Pitt and Sylvan Springs include a restored and protected Pitt Spring pool and stream bank with enhanced flow since it was vacuumed of sand and rocks. Also offered are improved spring access for the disabled, boardwalks, sidewalks and a trail to Sylvan Spring. The facility also has an improved canoe dock on Econfina Creek and a tube launch dock near Sylvan Spring run. Overlook decks have been installed at both Pitt and Sylvan springs, and three new picnic pavilions and a composting toilet were added at Pitt Spring.

Additionally, information and interpretive signs have been placed around the facility to educate visitors about the unique geologic and natural features in and around Econfina Creek and recharge area. Parking for the grand opening is expected to be a premium at Pitt Spring, but additional parking is available at the new Strickland Road lot and across the creek at the canoe launch parking area. The recreation area is open from sunrise to sunset.


“From its conception in 2006, six years of engineering and construction effort have gone into the restoration and protection of the Pitt and Sylvan Springs recreation area,” said William O. “Bill” Cleckley, Director of the District’s Division of Land Management and Acquisition. “Public input was also significant in making this project a success. We heard your concerns to restore and protect these natural resources while providing compatible public access and recreation.”

For more information call the District’s Division of Land Management and Acquisition, (850) 539-5999.