Permaculture garden sprouts to life at Eden’s Landing in Point Washington

January 2, 2010

Chandra Hartman and Eric Marcus add a layer of mushroom compost to the garden area.

Local Moonlight Micro-Farm expands their gardening efforts

The New Year brings a garden to Eden’s Landing on CR 395 in Point Washington, as local Walton County farmers Chandra Hartman and Eric Marcus of Moonlight Micro-Farm are starting a permaculture garden project at the development.

The garden is nestled in the common area of Eden’s Landing, and is designed to embrace green and sustainable living. Moonlight Micro-Farm selected a common area approximately 630 sq. ft. to implement the experimental garden. Eden’s Landing developer, Artisan Builders and its investors have donated the area for the project.

“The garden will serve to be an example of how to grow an ecologically diverse garden that provides both human and environmental needs, while using readily available natural resources, with a minimum of purchased inputs, along with a variety of gardening techniques,” Chandra explains on her online garden blog.

Site plan for permaculture garden project designed by Chandra.

“Permaculture or ecological design will be the dominant form of gardening – working with nature, not against. Heirlooms, natives, and edible wild foods will be incorporated into an intricate web of planting that will provide food for humans, restoration of an ecosystem, and habitat for critters,” Chandra continues as she explains the benefits of sustainable gardening.

Clover is now being planted to keep from erosion during the winter, and in the coming months, culinary and medicinal herbs will be the harvested for family consumption and resale. Long-term plans include garden workshops hosted by Chandra, and eventually turning the garden into a community project.

Bedding materials used for the first of four sections:
• 24″ h. stack of cardboard
• 1/2 truck load of rotten wood
• 5 gal. kitchen scraps
• couple scoops of lime
• (2) 50 gallons bags of leaves
• 12″ h. stack of newspaper
• (5) 40 lb. bags of topsoil
• 1/2 cu. yard of mushroom compost
• 1/4 cube of peat moss
• 1/2 wheelbarrow full of sand

About Moonlight Micro-Farm
Moonlight Micro-Farm is a budding eco micro-farm in Pt. Washington, Florida. The farm resides on less than 1/6 acre and is nestled just a few blocks from the Choctawhatchee Bay. Over the last year, Moonlight Micro-Farm has been a regular vendor at the Farmer’s Market at Seaside, selling gourmet sprout mixes, organic sprout seeds, and heirloom garden seeds.
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About Eden’s Landing
All houses in Eden’s Landing must be certified by Florida Green Building Coalition. To learn more about Eden’s Landing, go to