Peach Creek Blooms a delight to the senses

April 18, 2019

Serena Robinson and her husband Jonathan Douglas are busy folks with a very unique profession. Tucked away on a ¼-acre in Point Washington, the couple operates an intensive micro farm of beautiful blooming flowers. At any given time of year, their farm field is brimming with colorful blooms destined to become tabletop posies.

Serena, a Florida master gardener and owner/grower at Peach Creek Blooms, starts each flowering plant from seed, and nurtures it through the various stages of growth. Serena is familiar with what does well in our northwest Florida zone and plants accordingly.

Beautiful zinnias growing at Peach Creek Blooms. Lori Ceier/Walton Outdoors

“Jonathan is the brawn behind the operation,” said Serena. Jonathan works behind the scenes, with his most recent effort building an onsite cooler at the farm.

“The flowers never go without water, and can easily last a week,” said Serena.

To summarize Peach Creek Blooms’ mission, their commitment is to grow sustainably in the north Florida climate; provide a local vibe in terms of texture, color, smell, look, feel; provide a good value, with unique characteristics; and create a special experience. 

Currently, one can purchase their posies at the Saturday Seaside Farmers Market. You can also enjoy the flowers on the tabletops of Bud and Alleys restaurant in Seaside. The couple eventually plans to expand their offerings with drop off locations. Currently the posies range from $20 – $60 depending on size, and types of flowers vary as seasons change. During the springtime the offerings include dahlias, sunflowers, zinnias, larkspur, poppies, cosmos, snapdragons, yarrow, bells of Ireland, sweet William, black eyed Susan, sunflowers, strawflowers, and more.

Serena Robisons’ mother Hilda McDonald helps out with making straw flower headbands for the little ones at the Seaside Farmers Market on Saturdays. Photo courtesy Peach Creek Blooms

At the Saturday market, Serena’s mother, Hilda McDonald also helps with their offerings; fitting little flower children with the perfect straw flower headband.

To learn more, call Serena Robison at Peach Creek Blooms 407-408-0000 or email