Off the hook!

March 28, 2009

Thomas Maxwell rescues weary pelican.
Thomas Maxwell rescues weary pelican.

Weary female pelican rescued

A pelican in distress was rescued by Thomas Maxwell of Choctaw Beach on March 26. Thomas and his wife Sharon live on Mullet Creek.  “This poor Pelican was so week, she came up our creek yesterday, we tried to catch her and could not, left food for her, and today, she came back, and we caught her,” Sharon said. They called Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge, who came and got the exhausted bird.

The young female is doing well, according to Paul and Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge. She has a chest infection, and vomited a stainless steel leader, hook and a portion of another brass hook.

If you find a stranded or injured animal, you can call Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge at 850-650-1880 or Emerald Coast Wildlife Rehabilitators at 850-678-6584 or 850-974-6584.