Obedience Training Workshop Jan. 24

January 11, 2009

obedientdogA day of learning for you and your dog

An obedience training workshop is being offered at the DogSmith Training Center in Vernon on Saturday, Jan. 24. The cost $100.00 and includes workbook, handouts, treats, lunch and refreshments.

What you will learn
• How can you quantify where your obedience skills are in terms of reliability and performance
• How can you identify where you want to go with your obedience goals
• Train to Perform and perform as you Train
• How to get reliable skills from highly motivated dogs without waving food in front of the dogs face
• The difference between rewards and reinforcements in dog training

Work Shop Agenda
10 a.m. What is Obedience and how do we define it
11.00 a.m. How we set our training goals and break them into training criteria
11.30 a.m. How to get a highly motivated dog without food bribery
12.00 Lunch
1.00 p.m. Train – Test – Train, how do we measure our training effectiveness
2.00 p.m. The Key Obedience Skills and their Individual Skill Criteria Ladders
3.00 p.m. Assessing where we are now at each skill level
4.00 p.m. Obedience Competition

The DogSmith Training Center offers:
Indoor class room
Kennel area for doggie comfort
2 Acres of training fields
Rest areas
On site parking
Certified human and doggie instruction

DogSmith located off highway 79. 5 miles north of Vernon. 40 minutes from the beaches

Visit www.mydogsmith.com to reserve on line