North Walton garden tips for November

November 6, 2008

Photo courtesy DeFuniak Garden Club
Photo courtesy DeFuniak Garden Club

Fall garden tips from the DeFuniak Springs Garden Club

• There is still time to plant wildflower seeds thru late December. Our Florida native ecotypes will perform the best. Seeds are available through Wildflowers Matter 850.859.0096

• Coreopsis, Black-Eyed Susans, Blanket Flower, Phlox, Coneflower and Standing Cypress

• Plants and lawns, though not actively growing still need water every couple weeks if the weather is very dry.

•  Tender plants will withstand a freeze better when well watered

• Prepare beds for winter annuals by adding compost or other decomposed amendments.

• Apply the appropriate herbicide to turf . Weeds such as chickweed and annual bluegrass begin to germinate now.

• Remember to water around the root balls of newly planted shrubs for the first several weeks.

• If scale appears on Hollies, Cleyera, Camellia, Ligustrium and Indian Hawthorn and spray with horticultural oil.

• Your houseplants may need to be moved from areas that are exposed to cold weather drafts.

• Move tender plants indoors. Do not try to lift heavy pots by yourself, ask a friend to help.

• You still have time to overseed your lawn with annual ryegrass if desire until mid-month

•   Remember that indoor plants will need less water as the days grow shorter. Let the soil dry out to an inch deep and then water thoroughly. Fertilization should be reduced by half through the winter months. Misting them will help raise the humidity and make them happier.

Information courtesy DeFuniak Garden Club.