Nick’s Annual Redfish Roundup tournament reels in 61 teams

May 23, 2016

4th place winners Hunter Ray and Gilbert Ray show off their reds.
4th place winners Hunter Ray and Gilbert Ray show off their reds.

Treylermade Tournaments hosted their 11th Annual Old Nick’s Redfish Roundup tournament at Nick’s Seafood Restaurant on Sat., May 21.  The popular tournament is the largest redfish competition in the Gulf Coast region. Tournament officials included Trey Nick, Tony Bigot, Sherrie Hinley, and Brad Burnette.

Sixty One, 2-person teams competed in the event with a payout of $12,000.00 in cash and prizes. Prize money was awarded for total weight of 2 fish per team and additional prices were awarded for mystery weight, total spots, and smallest. A portion of the entry fees went to Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance.


Total weight:
1st place: James Botelho, Chris Pouncey – 12.40 lbs.
2nd place: Steve Tashik, Hunter Tashik – 10.99 lbs.
3rd place: Rick Parish, Cole Campbell – 10. 76 lbs.
4th place: Gilbert Ray, Hunter Ray – 10.34 lbs.
5th place: Don Graff, Bill Oswell – 10.34 lbs.
6th place: Sid Little – 9.46 lbs.
7th place: Mayrill, Tucker – 9.30 lbs.
8th place: Anne Belter, Lindsay Foy – 9.26 lbs.
9th place: Sean Sapp, Ashley Sarau – 8.74 lbs.
10th place: Jack Foley, Cody Clausen – 7.93 lbs.

Spot count:
1st place: Brad Bishop, Robert Davenport – 16 spots