New rule changes to Florida Quota Hunt Program for 2009-2010 season

August 5, 2009

Photo courtesy FWC.
Photo courtesy FWC.

New rule changes to the Quota Hunt Program that improves the state’s regulation of hunting on wildlife management areas

The following major changes to the quota program were approved by the FWC Commission on Feb. 4, 2009 and will be in effect for the 2009-2010 hunting season.
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Has there been an increase in the number of quota hunt types?
Yes. The number of hunt types has changed from three types (Archery/muzzleloading Gun, General Gun and Spring Turkey) to five types (Archery, Muzzleloading Gun, General Gun, Wild Hog and Spring Turkey).

Does this increase the number of choices available?
Yes. It increases the number of choices available to each customer from three hunt types to five hunt types as follows:

• Under the old system –  During Phase I or Phase II, an applicant could apply for one Archery/muzzleloading Gun permit, one General Gun permit and one Spring Turkey permit for a total of three quota permits.
• Under the new system – During Phase I or Phase II, applicants may now apply for one Archery permit, one Muzzleloading Gun permit, one General Gun permit, one Wild Hog permit and one Spring Turkey permit for a total of five quota permits.
• Under the new system – During Phase III, applicants may receive up to five permits total per hunt type (including Phase I and Phase II). This means five Archery, five Muzzleloading Gun, five General Gun, five Wild Hog and five Spring Turkey permits. If eligible, the applicant may also receive up to five Mobility Impaired permits.

How many choices does the new system allow?
The new system still allows applicants to make up to five choices per hunt type. Applicants may still submit only one worksheet per hunt type, and only one quota permit may be issued during the Phase I or Phase II drawings for each hunt type. The exception is that on Mobility Impaired hunts, applicants may submit one worksheet in Phase II, even if they received a permit in Phase I. Applicants may submit additional worksheets and receive up to five permits per hunt type during Phase III.

Are quota permits transferable under the new system?
No. All quota permits will change from transferable to nontransferable. That means that only the person’s name that appears on the permit can use it. These changes do not apply to Blackwater WMA Dog Hunts and Mobility Impaired permits for Holton Creek WMA.

How does the guest permit work?
• For each nontransferable quota permit (Archery, Muzzleloading Gun, General Gun, Wild Hog, Spring Turkey and Mobility Impaired), a guest permit may be obtained by using the permit holder’s customer ID number and hunt number.
• Changes exclude Blackwater WMA Dog Hunt permits and Holton Creek WMA Mobility Impaired permits.
• Only one guest permit may be issued per quota permit.
• On those areas that allow exemptions, guest permits are not available for exempt hunters (under 16, over 65, disability license holders) because they are allowed to hunt on the area without a quota permit.
• An individual may be the guest of only one quota permit holder per hunt.
• The guest and the quota permit holder must enter and exit the area together, share the same vehicle and share the bag limit.
• Parking is limited on most WMAs, so the guest should not bring extra vehicles to the area.
• The quota permit holder is responsible for the shared bag limit.
• The guest may hunt only when the quota permit holder is present on the area.
• On areas that have zone tags, permit holder and guest must hunt in same zone.
• The guest may bring no additional hunters.
• The quota permit holder may bring only one hunter (one guest, one youth, one mentor supervisor or one mentor license holder), except Mobility Impaired permit holders may bring an additional non-hunting assistant.
• Guest permits will be issued up until the last day of the hunt and may be obtained from tax collectors and license agents only.
• Guest permits are not available for daily permits issued at the check stations.

How will preference points change under the new system?
For each year an applicant applies but does not receive a quota permit for a given hunt type during Phase I, a preference point will be given. These points accumulate each year the applicant is unsuccessful. Existing preference points accumulated under the old system will be applied to the new system. If you have preference from the 08-09 Archery/muzzleloading Gun hunt you will get one preference point for the Archery hunt and one preference point for the Muzzleloading Gun hunt.

What happens to unused quota permits?
Unused quota permits may be returned, but must be postmarked prior to the hunt start date. If the permit was issued through a preference drawing, hunters who return their permit will have their preference points restored, and an additional point will be awarded if the permit is returned postmarked prior to the beginning of the hunt. Returned quota permits may be re-issued during Phase III.

What are the changes to the application process?
• Phase I is changed from a 10-day application period to a 30-day application period.
• Phase II is changed from first-come, first-served to a random drawing and is changed from a 45 day application period to a 15 day application period.
• Phase III is first-come, first-served and up to a total of five permits per hunt type are available per individual (this includes permits issued during Phase I and II).

How will I know if I was successful in the random drawing?
To check drawing results – go to

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