Natural horsemanship clinics offered at Alaqua Animal Refuge Jan. 19 – 22

January 2, 2012

Learn the holistic Parelli method of training

On Jan. 19 – 22,  2012, Alaqua Animal Refuge will be hosting natural horse training with Pete Rodda. Rodda practices the Parelli method which is based on developing a natural relationship with a horse through understanding his/her nature and understanding the world from the horse’s point of view.

“We hope to accomplish two things at Alaqua Animal Refuge in January,” says Rodda.  “First, we’d like to educate as many local owners as possible on the techniques and philosophy of Parelli Natural Horsemanship, helping them to create a relationship with their horse that is fun, fulfilling, and most of all, safe.  Second, we also plan to empower the staff and volunteers at Alaqua Animal Refuge with resources to help them to rehabilitate and safely handle abused horses so they can get them ready to go to new homes.”

Morning and afternoon sessions along with private lessons of all levels and audit seats will be available.

The private lessons are $75/hr. for single and $45/hr. for 2-3 students and will be held Jan. 19th and 20th. The clinic is $125 per session and offered on Jan. 21st and 22nd.
For more information about the clinic or about horses in need of adopting at Alaqua, contact Samantha Graves at Alaqua Animal Refuge at (850) 880-6399 or