Native Wetland Delineations

January 1, 2010

Native Wetland Delineations

Joe Wyatt, Senior Ecologist

P.O. Box 268
Niceville, Florida 32588
Cell: 850-496-1864

• Wetland delineation
• Formal wetland delineation reviews
• Agency meetings for site review
• Mitigation planning and implementation supervision
• Wetland habitat enhancement
• Ecological assessments
• Biological sampling
• Listed species surveys
• Listed species permitting
• Mitigation compliance monitoring
• Aerial interpretations
• Invasive & exotic species surveys and removal
• GPS mapping
• Forest reconnaissance and inspection
• Timber cruising and evaluations
• Timber marketing and sales
• Growth studies
• Damage appraisals
• Reforestation
• Forest management plans
• Prescribed fire planning and implementation
• A wide variety of silvicultural operations


Native Wetland Delineations & Panhandle Forestry Specialists
Joe Wyatt
Senior Ecologist & Forester
Post Office Box 268
Niceville, Florida 32588-0268
Phone (850) 496-1864
Fax (850) 678-4649

Mississippi State University, B.S. Forestry & Wildlife Biology, 1998

S230 & S290 Certified Prescribed Manager, Starkville, Mississippi, Spring 1998
Certified First Aid including CPR, Spring 2001
Advanced Wetland Soils Training with Dr. Wade Hurt, Gainesville, Florida,
University of Florida, Summer 2003
Advanced Hydric Soils Workshop with Dr. Mike Vepraskas, Savannah, Georgia,
North Carolina State University, Spring 2005
Florida Chamber of Commerce 21st Annual Growth Management and
Environmental Permitting Conference including UMAM Training, Summer
Florida Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM) Short Course,
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, Summer 2005
S130 & S190 Prescribed Fire Training, Withlacoochie, Florida Spring 2008

Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS)
Society of American Foresters (SAF)
The Wildlife Society (TWS)
Ducks Unlimited (DU)

Work Experience
June 2006 – Present
Senior Ecologist, Native Wetland Delineations, Niceville, Florida
Duties include jurisdictional wetland delineations, habitat mapping, listed species surveys, invasive/exotic species surveys, sub-meter GPS location, and ecological assessments for a variety of clientele including public utility companies, private consulting firms, private engineering firms, and private development firms.  Solely responsible for wildlife conservation efforts for a large scale private development in Walton county where duties include planning, implementing, and monitoring conservation strategies for eastern bluebirds, purple martins, wood ducks, monarch butterflies, and a variety of game and nongame mammal species.  Responsible for educational programs pertaining to native flora and fauna within the Florida Panhandle for a variety of ages including school classes as well as private groups of individuals which include guided Choctawhatchee Audubon Society photo safaris.  Fisheries duties small pond management including water quality testing, littoral planting, and habitat enhancement.  Please see the relevant projects information for more details.

June 2006 – Present
Forester, Panhandle Forestry Specialists, Niceville, Florida
Primary duties include prescribing, executing, and supervising a variety of silvicultural operations.  Performing several techniques of timber volume estimation, specializing in one hundred percent saw timber cruising for large scale private landowners.  Secondary duties included annual forest health and maintenance inspections, initial forest management assessments, adverse possession timber estimation, forest damage assessments, logging crew supervision, logging compliance inspections, and GPS traverses.

August 2003 – June 2006
Ecologist & Senior Ecologist, Biological Research Associates, Destin, Florida
Duties covered a wide variety of areas, including jurisdictional wetland delineations, listed species surveys, ecological assessments, and implementation and monitoring of a continuous ground water well monitoring system.  In addition, I performed many Formal Wetland Jurisdictional reviews with both the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Formal Team and members of the United States Army Corps of Engineers.  These projects ranged from single-family lot units up to 4000 acre tracts in a variety of habitats.  I assumed a leadership role while with BRA, working independently and supervising others.   Please see the relevant projects information for more details.

October 2002 – August 2003
Project Scientist II, Environmental Services, Inc., Destin, Florida
Primary duties included jurisdictional wetland delineations, standard reviews with both agencies, and formal reviews with both the FDEP Formal team and USACOE personnel.  In addition, I routinely performed large and small environmental assessments, GPS mapping, listed species surveys, invasive/exotic plant surveys, mitigation planting and monitoring, botanical surveys, and budget preparation for a variety of projects.  Please see the attached relevant project list for more detailed information.

May 2002 – October 2002
Biological Technician, USDA Forest Service, Pagosa Springs Ranger District, Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Studied the effects of prescribed fire on primary and secondary cavity nesting bird species in old growth ponderosa pine ecosystems.  Duties included line transects to determine cavity nest location as well as behavioral observations to determine nest stage and fledgling success.  Performed vocalization surveys and nest searching to determine presence/absence of the Northern Goshawk within a variety of mountainous habitats.  Fisheries duties included working closely with the Colorado Department of Fish & Game to extract reproductive material from the federally endangered Colorado Cutthroat Trout to start a brood rearing hatchery program.  With the exception of the fisheries program, all of these duties were performed as part of a team or alone within the San Juan Forest Roadless Wilderness Areas.

May 2001 – October 2001
Integrated Resource Initiative Technician, USDA Forest Service, Petersburg Ranger District, Petersburg, Alaska.
Duties included the careful collection of all pertinent field data for the Scott Peak Environmental Impact Statement following NEPA protocols in the Tongass National Forest.  Forestry/botany duties included random point sampling for timber estimation and health, topographic measurements for logging system operations, and vegetation analysis (density and diversity) for both rare and forage plant species.  Wildlife biology duties included accipiter vocalization surveys, accipiter valley watches, accipiter nest searches, mammal habitat evaluation (particularly predatory species), listed species surveys and cavity nester habitat suitability evaluation.  All duties performed within the temperate rain forest ecosystems of the Tongass National Forest Roadless Wilderness Areas.

March 2001 – May 2001
Waterfowl Biologist, South Carolina Waterfowl Association, Pinewood, South Carolina.
Primarily responsible for Wood Duck habitat manipulation which included the building installation and maintenance of cavity nesting boxes throughout the State of South Carolina.  Habitat evaluation, leg banding, and the monitoring of reproductive success using the artificial cavities were also major responsibilities of the job.

August 1999 – May 2000
Consulting Forester, James M. Vardaman Forest Management Specialists, Macon, Georgia.
Primary duties include prescribing, executing, and supervising a variety of silvicultural operations.  Performing several techniques of timber volume estimation, specializing in one hundred percent saw timber cruising for large scale private landowners.  Secondary duties included annual forest health and maintenance inspections, initial forest management assessments, forest damage assessments, several techniques of herbicide application, logging compliance inspections, and GPS traverses.  All forest management practices were performed for the appropriate Best Management Practices for the state in which they occurred.

Volunteer Experience
2001 Radio Show Host for Radio Free Alaska, Petersburg, Alaska
Planned and implemented weekly radio show for KFSK in Petersburg, AK

2007-2009 Wildlife Rehabilitators Partnership of NW Florida, Niceville, Florida
Participate in the rehabilitation and release of native, injured wildlife.
Coordinate with several press agencies to obtain publicity for organization.
Participate in fund raising activities for organization.
Participate in public education/awareness programs in variety of settings including
2008-2009 Eglin AFB Prescribed Fire Program
Work closely as a team member to safely implement and control a variety of different
prescribed fire operations in differing manmade and natural habitats within the Eglin
AFB reservation.

2007-2009 Audubon Society, Choctawhatchee Chapter
Spring & Fall Migratory Bird Count Participant

•    Computer Skills: MSWord, WordPerfect, Basic Arcview 8.0, Basic Autocad, etc.
•    GPS Skills:  Trimble Recon Unit, Trimble GeoXT unit, variety of Garmin units,
TerraSync GPS software
•    Orienteering using a compass and/or GPS system
•    Ability to read, interpret and correctly utilize topographic maps, orthographic maps, infrared aerial photos, true color aerial photos, and blue line photos
•    35mm and digital photography documentation
•    Florida native flora and fauna identification
•    Invasive and exotic plant identification
•    North American bird species identification by sight
•    Operation of all types and sizes of four wheel drive vehicles including manual shift vehicles and ATVs
•    Operation of small boats and watercraft including canoes, kayaks, and personal
•    Large and small equipment maintenance
•    Use of a variety of hand tools including electric winches, manual winches, high lift jacks, chainsaws, and a Pulaski
•    Basic arc and acetylene welding