Major flooding affects all of Walton County Florida

April 30, 2014

walton-county-logoSerious storms have affected all of Walton County. Here are closures as of 12:30 p.m. April 30:

Note: South Walton High School is open for shelter.

Road Closure list as of 12:30 pm

North Walton

Hinote Road is flooded close to Crowder Chapel Road.

DFPD advised that 11th Street, Wayside Park and City Hall has approximately 7 inches of water.

On Long Road just west of Walton Plantation there is 8 inches of running water and rising.

Clear Springs Rd. east of Lake Road, water over the bridge.

Institution Rd. Damage to culvert, one lane passable.

Adams Road there is water flowing over the roadway, but it is passable.

Williams Road at Granger Bruner Bridge, water just under the bridge.

Co Highway 181 at 8 Mile Creek, west of Gaskin is impassable.

Raley Road is impassable and flooded.

Adams Road is closed.

Co Road 0605 is closed.

Price Road is closed.

Co Highway 2 E at Clark Drive is closed.

Eagles Way is closed.

Little Creek Trail is closed.

Dean Road/co 285 is closed.

MCkinnon bridge road by the two bridges water is about one foot and a half over the bridge

Co line rd/Varnum rd

Scott Rd

Wallace Rd

Adams Rd

Davis Rd

Brown Rd @1084 – Washed Out

Thompson @ 1084 – Impassable

Price Rd

Harrison Rd

Long Rd 6-8 in water

River Rd 1st small bridge rd caving in 2nd and 3rd bridge is ok

Chestnut Creek Bridge washed out

Small Bridge Dairy Rd washed out – barrier up

Cook and Sandspur under water

Cedar Log Lake/ CO Highway 181C Boat Ramp Submerged

Aplin and Sandy Ramp Rd closed.

Ralph Long Rd

Matthews rd – Open

Harrison between 331 and 1084 – closed

Indian Creek Ranch rd @ the bridge CLOSED

Chestnut Creek Bridge on Hwy 2 is 4 ½ miles east of 83 and is underwater

T R Miller in the 1013 block impassable

Berrian Lake Rd – impassable

*DFS Courthouse open – Essential Personnel only


On Long Rd. a tree fell on a house, no injuries.

Structure Fire at 51 Via International, possibly struck by lightning.

There was a tree down on Long Rd. Removed by deputies.

Power lines down on Graham Ave.

Tree down on Main St. and Davis St.

Transformer was fire on Rock Hill Rd.

Freeport Roads
Old Jolly Bay at Fluffy Landing is under three inches of water.
At County Line Rd. and Magnolia, there is approximately 6 inches of water.
State Highway 20, just west of Nick’s seafood has approximately a foot of water.
State Hwy 81 by Antioch Cemetery, water on the roadway.
Trey Road is flooded and residence are unable to leave.
Joe Dugger Road is closed.
State Hwy 2 @ Clark
Indian Creek
JW Hollington – NOW OPEN
Double Bridge Rd
Bryan Rd
Big Cedar/Howells Bluff – water on rd but passable
N Bruce is passable DOT letting 1 car via the middle of the rd
US Highway 331@Jolly Bay
Boonie rd in bunker is under water
Ralph Long Rd, Stanley Rd, Harrison Rd the one between 331 and 1084. Closed
Laird rd – Impassable
Tree down on Bay Grove Rd. Tree removed from roadway by deputy.

South Walton
*** South Walton HS open as a shelter ****
North side of Clyde B. Wells Bridge has flooding. There is 6 inches of water on roadway.
SWFD advised that Old Ferry Road not passable.
Entrance to Seaside is under water.
Surfside is underwater.
Spotted Dolphin is under water.
Indigo Loop is under water.
At Chat Holley and US Highway 331 there is approximately 6 inches of water.
At Scenic Gulf and Poinciana there is approximately one foot of water.
There is a large amount of water on US Highway 98 at Topsl.
On US Highway 98 at San Destin Resort there is approximately 6 inches of water.
At US Highway 98 and Co 395 (water is 6’+ on 395) are impassable.
At US Highway 98 and Co 393 are impassable.
At US Highway 98 and Co 283 has approximately 6 inches of water.
At US Highway 98 and 83A has approximately 10 inches of water.
US Highway 98 @ outside lane near Holiday rd
Church Street has approximately 3 and a half feet of water.
At the 6000 Block of US Hwy 98 has standing water.
Us highway 98/Moll dr/sugar dr
EB 98 @ us Highway 331
US 98 / Christian international
Co Rd 30A and Draper Lake
US 98 @ Regional Utilities ok for trucks not cars
Hidden Harbor @ Mariner way under water
Chat Holly @ CO 393 10-45 inches water 10-15 vehicles trapped in water
W Harborview @ driftwood estates under water
US Highway 98 @ the Gulf Pines subdivision under water
US Highway 98 @ Lynn Dr under Water
US Highway 98/ E Hewitt flooded
Per WC Public Works ALL Co 30A CLOSED
*NOTE: South Walton Courthouse CLOSED.
End of Turtle Creek Cul De Sac is under water
CO Hwy 30A@ Little redfish lane large portion of rd washed out
Walton Magnolia LN CLOSED
Seacliffs Dr – CLOSED
West Shore Dr- Closed
US Highway 98 @ Veterans Rd – Submerged
Mack Bayou @ E Mack Bayou is open
• 98/331 Power box under water
• 331/ Chat holly Power outage

Tree down at 126 Boundary Line Rd. Deputy removed tree.

FYI all the bridges are open in our county. Hwy 98 is down to one lane eastbound, westbound closed just west of Hurlburt AFB.

emoved tree.