Living with bears workshop at Emerald Coast Conference Center Mar. 6

February 26, 2010

Photo courtesy FWC.

Learn how to coexist with the Florida black bear

The EO Wilson Biophilia Center is hosting an informational “Living with Florida Bears” workshop to the public on March 6 at the Emerald Coast Conference Center on Okaloosa Island. Two sessions will be held, the first begins at 9:45 a.m., the second at 2 p.m. Each lasts approximately two hours.

Speakers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Defenders of Wildlife will share Florida black bear research and discuss how best to coexist with these creatures.  There will also be a special report for Eglin bears. Come to the workshop and enjoy the premier of the film “Living with Bears” and get simple tips that should make you comfortable with Florida bears.

“There has never been a documented attack by a Florida black bear,” MC Davis, conservationist, said. “Never. Not once in Florida’s history. My hope is that the workshop will show people the importance of protecting the Florida black bear and its habitat.”

Everyone is welcome and children will receive a special souvenir.