Evening sky lights up in South Walton

June 6, 2010

Extraordinary light show in the sky off the coast in South Walton June 5. Photo courtesy www.brandanbabineaux.com

The place where light dwells

Local South Walton resident and photographer Brandan Babineaux captured this beautiful lightning show in Seaside June 5.

Brandan describes his experience:
“Summer thunderstorms can be very dramatic along the gulf coast.

I’ve been wanting to try to photograph lightning but the conditions were never in my favor and being at the right place at the right time can be challenging unless you are some sort of storm chaser.

On Saturday evening, a severe line of thunderstorms swept through the area. When the storm was over and the rain subsided, I was driving west on 30A around 8:30 p.m. and noticed bright lightning flashes off of the coast to the west southwest. Having all of my camera gear with me I thought that the best place to set-up a dramatic shot would be on the rooftop of Bud and Alleys, framing the obelisk in the shot along with the lightning.

I set up my tripod and shutter release and waited for the right time. After several misfires, I began to dial in the timing and proper shutter speed and capture some of this dramatic lightshow from nature which lasted well over an hour.

I ended up with ten or so usable images of many colors and patterns, but this one is my favorite.”

To learn more about Brandan Babineaux’s extraordinary photography, go to www.brandanbabineaux.com