Kids learn the old time method of sugar cane grinding at Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve

December 3, 2012

Jordan Carlson of Ponce DeLeon pushes a sugar cane stalk into the grinder. Lori Ceier/Walton Outdoors.

An old time country favorite of reaping the benefits of sugar cane was in full force Dec. 2 at the Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve in North Walton County. Owner, John Wilkerson was host to an afternoon of teaching local children the fine art of sugar cane grinding.

Local brother and sister Jacob and Jordan Carlson and brothers Trey and Tyler Floyd had a bit of help from family and friends learning the process. The children helped cut down the sugar cane from the field, cut, cleaned and ground the cane stalks to create several gallons of cane juice. The cane juice can be boiled down into a sweet cane syrup; making it a special treat popular with many folks.

Although there has not been a grinder manufactured since 1948, Wilkerson manages to keep his in good working order. Mostly for the enjoyment of giving away the juice.

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