Independent water testing on July 10 negative for DOSS in South Walton Gulf water

August 7, 2010

Emerald Coast Surfrider Foundation members at fundraiser Aug. 5: Phillip McDonald, Madra McDonald, Michael Sturdivant, Tony De'Eramo, John Slattery, Bobby Johnson. Photo courtesy Modus Photography

Local chapter of Surfrider hopes to continue to test, raise awareness

On July 10, Emerald Coast Surfrider Foundation members took Gulf water samples from Okaloosa Island Pier, Miramar Beach at Pompano Joes, Blue Mountain Beach and Seaside. The local surfing organization started going the extra mile beyond government agency testing to acquire specific results to determine if DOSS (Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate Sodium Salt), was present in the water. DOSS is used in corexit dispersants.

On Aug. 4 the test results came back negative. Although good news, the local Surfriders want to continue testing as the DOSS is very elusive to detection in water samples according to member Mike Sturdivant who is cautious about the results.

“It is our intention to initiate weekly testing. This can provide real data that can help us decide if it is safe to get back in the water.  One experiment is insufficient to really know what is present in the water. We encourage everyone to first -use your own senses.  Then add that good information to what you know (or do not know) from available testing,”  Sturdivant said.

The testing is expensive with costs at $1,000 per sampling day as the Foundation will be adding two additional testing locations. For more information or to donate to the efforts, go to

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