Hootie hoo are you?

January 16, 2010

Photo courtesy Rick Thomason.

Screech owl peers out wearingly from its tree home

This Eastern Screech Owl was photographed in the Mack Bayou area of Santa Rosa Beach. He (she) sat patiently as the photographer climbed into the bed of a pick-up, then up on the toolbox to grab the shot.

Although the photo is not recent, it was the third consecutive spring the owl had made this tree its home. A slightly cropped version of this photo appeared in an ad in the October, 2007, edition of National Geographic Magazine.

Rick Thomason is an avid local photographer who enjoys shooting both nature subjects and architecture. He may be contacted at rickthom@yahoo.com To learn more about Rick’s photography, click here

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    1. So Rick SHOOTS birds? I did not know that. This bird does look frightened of SOMETHING or SOMEONE……. But it IS an amazing piece of film. It would win first prize in a national wildlife photo contest.

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