Green anole casts a big shadow

June 13, 2011

Photo courtesy Kelly Roe.

Common native lizard always entertaining to watch

Kelly Roe of Santa Rosa Beach snapped this cool photo of a green anole peering over a leaf in her family’s pond. This spry fellow appears larger than life.

About the green anole (Anolis carolinensis)

Description: maximum length 8 inches; bright green but can change color to light brown but always evenly hued; whitish chin; females have light stripe down the back and males don’t. Three factors influence color and change of color: camouflage, temperature, emotion. When on green vegetation or light background, tend to be green; when on bark or dark background, tend to be brown. When temperatures are around 70 or higher, tend to stay green; when in 60’s are lower, tend to be brown. When males display for territory or females, turn bright green; when males fight, the winner turns bright green and the loser turns brown.

Lifespan: 2-3 years

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