Florida Trail Hikes a great book for the outdoor enthusiast

December 12, 2019

The recently published Florida Trail Hikes by Sandra Friend and John Keatley is the perfect book for anyone interested learning about the many experiences available along the Florida statewide National Scenic Trail.

Separated not only by region, the informative easy read provides details for 52 hikes across the State of Florida. Each section is described in great detail, enabling the hiker to be prepared for each. Another great feature of the book is the detailed descriptions of flora and fauna one will encounter along the way. It’s great to know if a portion of your hike will be soggy or you will encounter a steephead ravine. Even though most of the hikes across Florida are dog friendly, the authors will let you know which are not. A nice feature for those who enjoy hiking with their canine friend.

Florida Trail Hikes is a handy book to have on hand, and a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast.

Learn more about authors Sandra Friend and John Keatley at https://watulapress.com/, or purchase their book at https://floridahikes.com/florida-trail-hikes

About the authors:
Sandra FriendSandra Friend has been a hiker since she was old enough to toddle down the Appalachian Trail with her parents, Sandra Friend is known as Florida’s hiking expert, with more than 5,000 miles on foot throughout the state. Sandra began her travel writing career in 1996 penning articles for newspapers and magazines.  A former board member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the Florida Outdoor Writers Association, and a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America, she is the founder of FloridaHikes.com.



JJohn Keatley Half Moon Cayohn Keatley is a native Floridian growing up along the Space Coast, John Keatley spent most of his youth in the woods or on the water, attaining the rank of Eagle Scout in 1973. During a 33-year career on the Space Shuttle program at Kennedy Space Center, he found time between missions to unwind in the outdoors. After the program ended, he turned his decades of attention to detail and journaling towards writing about the outdoors.

A member of both the Society of American Travel Writers and the Florida Outdoor Writers Association, John is an avid paddler and a cyclist with tens of thousands of miles ridden on the East Coast. He shares his unique stories of outdoor adventure on FloridaHikes.com and in print, and his travel narratives on TrailsandTravels.com