Florida Master Naturalist Program to start March 24

February 19, 2010

Learn about Florida’s ecosystems and become a Master Naturalist

Florida’s landscape is much more diverse than most people realize.  There is a surprisingly great variety of ecosystems, each containing a tremendous number of plant and animal species that interact in webs of life that few understand.  The UF/IFAS Florida Master Naturalist Program provides an opportunity for individuals to increase their knowledge of Florida’s natural systems, of the plants and animals that depend upon those systems, and of the role of humankind in shaping our past, of determining our future, and as stewards of the land.

Beginning March 24, the Okaloosa and Walton County Extension Office will be offering the Uplands Habitat Module.  Through classroom, field trip, and practical experience, this module provides instruction on the general ecology, habitats, vegetation types, wildlife, and conservation issues of Upland Habitats in Florida.  The total training consists of 40 contact hours.  The cost to students is $225.  See www.MasterNaturalist.org for course schedules and registration.  For more information, contact Brooke Saari, Marine Science (bsaari@ufl.edu) or Sheila Dunning, Commercial Horticulture (sdunning@ufl.edu) at 689-5850 or 892-8172.