Educational video brings awareness to sea turtle plight

June 9, 2009

seaturtleLocal environmental advocates team up to educate public

Local environmentalist Arix Zalace has a message to share. As the producer of turtle-safe flashlight filters, Arix has teamed up with the South Walton Community Council and created a four-and-a-half minute educational documentary to enlighten both children and adults about sea turtles and the dangers they face.

The SWCC has underwritten the documentary, and the DVD is available for distribution free of charge for local educators and the public.

The colorful and informative video explains the importance of our sea turtles in the balance of the sea, and the struggles they face to survive.

It also describes how humans can ensure a healthy future for the ancient creatures by taking sensible measures, such as filling holes in the sand and not leaving items or garbage on the beach.

Anita Page, Executive Director of SWCC hopes the video will enlighten beach goers to do the right thing when visiting the beach during turtle nest season May 1 – Oct. 31.

“We hope this is educational – empowering people to make the right decisions such as using turtle safe lighting,” Anita said.

Sharon Maxwell, president of South Walton Turtle Group is pleased with the video and getting out the message as well.

“It is so good to see a public minded group in South Walton helping us to spread the word about sea turtles, they have to have our beaches to nest and carry on the species and people need to know how to help sea turtles do this.  Good job SWCC and many thanks,” said Sharon.

Arix is excited with the public interest to date, and is hopeful the public school systems will feature the video as a learning tool for children. He has also created two 30-second public service announcements for television.

“I have had people all over the Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua who want copies to show in schools. This is great, but it is most important that we get the documentary showing all over the Panhandle,” Arix said.

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Sea Turtle Short Documentary from Arix Zalace on Vimeo.