Deer Point Lake Match Bass Tournament Oct. 10

October 5, 2009

bassTier tournament starts at 5:30 a.m.  at High Point Landing

How to determine who fishes against whom to start the tournament (tier 1): click here to download tier structure

There will be names in one container and the same number of numbered chips in another.  Tournament will draw a name and a chip until all has been drawn.  Then as shown in tier 1, the chip 1 angler will fish against the chip 2 angler and so forth.  If there are an odd number of anglers to start the tournament the 3 highest numbered chips will compete against each other.
If there 4 or more anglers in the final tier (tier 3), they will determine the morning of the tournament whether to add a tier 4 which will be fished from 1:45 – 3:45. :MAP::
When you lose you go home.  But come back for the final weigh-in!
Entry Fee: $50 per person (one person per boat)    $10 big bass fee.
There will be a trophy for the winner that Around the Tournament Trail .com will supply.  This trophy will be a rotating trophy with spaces for names.  Each year’s winner will have his name put on it and keep it until the next year’s tournament.
For more info call 850-819-3648