Choctawhatchee Bay front park officially named Grady Brown Park

February 28, 2019

The Choctawhatchee Bay front park in the works at the north end of the Clyde B. Wells Bridge causeway officially has a name. Thanks to the energetic efforts of Hannah Brown of Eucheeanna, the park boasts the namesake of her grandfather, Grady Brown, or as she fondly called him “Paw Paw.”

The area of the park formally known as “bay field,” is a favorite spot for local fishermen. On any given day for many years, you could rely on seeing Grady Brown throwing a cast net into the Choctawhatchee Bay.

“My grandfather was well known for fishing at the bay field. He sold mullet to many locals to help feed their families as well as support his. He loved doing what he did and taught all of his seven grandchildren to do the same. Going to throw the cast net at the bay will forever be one of my favorite memories,” said Hannah.  

Hannah Brown and her Paw Paw.

Fishing slowed down when Grady Brown was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and he finally succumbed to the disease in August of 2017. However, thanks to Hannah Brown’s diligent work with the Walton County Commissioners, Grady’s memory will last for many more years.

“This has been such an honor to work with the Walton County Commissioners as we went through the process of naming the park after him. I am honored to make my Paw Paw proud,” said Hannah.

Danny Copeland of Copeland’s Gun and Tackle in Freeport recalls Grady coming into his shop many times, and remembers him well.

“He was a cool, even tempered guy. He would come in often with his friend Jerry Darby and tell some great stories,” said Copeland.

The County plans to have the park completed in August, 2019.