CHELCO offers tips to save energy

September 14, 2009

chelcoWell pump problems:  A hidden energy waster

A leaky faucet or toilet can be more expensive in a house that gets water from a well instead of utility company. That’s because a leak can cause the well pump to run almost continuously, wasting energy with every drip.

Repairing leaks isn’t the only way to keep your pump in top shape. Regular maintenance not only can help your pump operate more efficiently, it can help extend the life of the equipment. A service technician should inspect your pump to see if it has fallen victim to either of these two major energy wasters:

wellpump•    The pressure tank is waterlogged. If it is, the pressure sensor inside the tank becomes overactive, causing the pump to start and stop continuously. Because the pump uses the most energy when it’s starting up, such unnecessary cycling can put a drain on your energy bill.
•    The pump is too big. Many homes have three- to four-horsepower pumps, when they really need only one- to two-horsepower pumps. A properly sized pump can save about 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity a year.

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