Cages and Coops builds animal enclosures with comfort in mind

January 20, 2010

Kerrie and David Thompson along with Britany next to an "A" frame movable chicken coop.

Happy chickens lay better eggs at Walton area farm

David and Kerri Thompson of Ponce deLeon believe happy chickens make for better tasting eggs. With that in mind, the couple has embarked on a business named Coops and Cages, that manufactures comfortable living quarters for chickens, rabbits and small animals.

Leaving the fast-paced world behind a few years ago, David and Kerrie moved to Ponce deLeon to start a small farm and become more self sustainable.

Both raised in rural England, country life was something they both yearned to get back to. In three years they now have a large vegetable garden, several rabbits, turkeys, chickens and pigs. Goats and a cow will be arriving in the near future.

“It is our goal to produce as much as our own food as we possibly can and educate our children and grandchildren to do the same,” Kerrie said.

"The Playhouse" coop.

“There is nothing better than the taste of a fresh eggs from your own garden or yard. In this fast-paced world we live, it is some of the simple pleasures like checking for your own eggs that offer big rewards,” said David.

Having the animals as happy and comfortable as possible is the philosophy that Cages and Coops uses when manufacturing each coop.

David built the first – Coop-de Ville for his own chickens, then came the Play House and the A frame.

“If you want two or 20 chickens we have the perfect house for them,” David boasts.

After Kerrie picked up a rabbit as a pet from the local auction the couple found themselves in the rabbit business, and now offer cages in a variety of sizes.

The cages are built using new wood which is treated with linseed oil, non-toxic to the animals, and they offer custom sizes as well.

So if you would like fresh eggs in the morning, or just want a rabbit as a pet then go to or call David at 850-496-7088.