Beautiful redheads residing at Regatta Bay pond

December 16, 2012

More than 400 redhead ducks are occupying a pond at Regatta Bay in Desitn. Lori Ceier/Walton Outdoos

Brightly colored ducks a welcome sight

More than 400 Redhead ducks are spending a bit of migratory time at a pond at Regatta Bay in Destin. The Redhead (Aythya americana) is an aptly named diving duck, the Redhead can be easily identified by its bright red head and gray back. Many female Redheads make no nests of their own, but instead lay their eggs in the nests of other ducks.

These North American natives spend their summers in the northwest United States and Canada. The redheads spend the winter months across the southern United States and northern Mexico.

Cool Fact:
The Redhead is known to lay eggs in the nests of other Redheads, at least 10 other duck species, and even nests of the American Bittern and Northern Harrier.

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