Beach mouse research volunteers needed Mar. 26 and 27

March 22, 2011

Learn about the beach mouse as you assist in research

Margo Stoddard a University of Florida researcher needs lots of volunteers to help out this Mar. 26 and 27 with her beach mouse project.  The project will consist of planting vegetation (broomsedge) in different spatial configurations.  The objective of this study is to examine the influence of vegetation patch size on beach mouse activity (movement and foraging), and/or installing foraging trays in the field; foraging trays for this study are clear plastic containers that we will fill with a set amount of sand with millet seeds mixed in and deploy in different habitats.
What to bring: filled water bottle (water for refills will be available), snacks/lunch, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, long pants recommended since we will definitely be kneeling and digging in the sand and wear closed toed shoes.  Please dress appropriately for the weather!
When: March 26th and 27th (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: Please arrive a few minutes early…
Saturday: 7:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Sunday: 8:00 a.m. – 1200 Noon

Where: meet at the Eglin entrance on Santa Rosa Island (west end of Santa Rosa Blvd, please park/wait on the East side of the concrete barriers)
Contact:  Erica Laine | SAIC
Volunteer Coordinator | Environmental Scientist
Eglin AFB Natural Resources
phone: 850.883.1177  email:

The volunteer program has a few limitations:
1.     Age limit is at least 10 yrs old. Each minor must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times
2.     The volunteer day will last for 4  hours – make sure that you are able to stay for the duration because you will have to be escorted on and off the beach by Margo. Please take this into consideration if you are going to bring a child…attention span for this type of work.
3.     Absolutely no swimming or going into the water during volunteers hours – this is not covered in the volunteer agreement and just too much liability involved.
4.     The part of the beach you will be volunteering on is closed to normal recreation. This is a Closed Area on Eglin – be sure to bring your ID (license or military badge will do) to get on the beach. The guard will check this and you will not be allowed access without ID.
5.     At no point is anyone to be in the dunes – Margo will explain all of this on your volunteer day.
6.     Because this is an active “range” for missions – there is always the possibility for UXO (unexploded ordinance). If any type of UXO is found – it must not be touched in any way. Safety first!
7.     Margo will have a volunteer form for all volunteers to sign – parents/guardians must sign for their minors.

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    1. Wow, this site is very close to the only NW Florida locations of endangered deer lichen, Cladonia perforata. The location verified in August, 2010 is on the north side of SRI. But a documents says, “… rediscovered C. perforata on the eastern end of the island. The western part of the island has scrub that should be surveyed.” I wonder if beach mice like deer lichen? Maybe we could do some covert surveying? This species has three designations: FE = federally endangered, CT = Eglin AFB/The Nature Conservancy conservation target, SE = state endangered

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