Be part of the North American Bird Migration Count Sept. 19

September 11, 2009

Photo courtesy of Steve Matherly
Swallowtail kite photo courtesy of Steve Matherly

Bird lovers unite to count migration

The North American Bird Migration Count in Okaloosa and Walton Counties is sponsored by National Audubon Society, Florida Ornithological Society, and is supported by Choctawhatchee Audubon Society. Each spring and fall a “picture” is acquired of the migration pattern of birds.  From this “picture” we may discover the shape of migration particular to each species.  The date of September 19, 2009 has been chosen to count as many migrants as possible before they reach their final destinations.

PURPOSE:  The mission of the North American Bird Migration Count (NAMC) is to:
• Obtain a “snapshot” of the progress and “shape” of spring and fall Migration.
Obtain information on the abundance & distribution of each species.
•  Initiate more participation among birders within a state and between states.
•  Create challenges and goals among birders while collecting useful information.
• Aid in organization and centralization of date.
CAS Bird Count Coordinator, Don Ware will assign teams of volunteers of novice and advanced birders and nature lovers, even children are welcome to participate!  Teams include at least one advanced leader a spotter and a data taker. Some teams will begin before dawn and will finish at dusk. Other teams will not contribute as much time to the count.  There may be teams that spend part of the count day on a feeder watch and others that may count from a stationary point. So even if you can’t leave home, class or work, your help is needed! NAMC data will be posted to the CAS web site with current and prior years’ data being presented.  Please contact Donald M. Ware at or 850.862.6582 to volunteer.