Be mindful at the beach, sea turtles are hatching

August 5, 2011

Most sea turtles hatch after dark. This one got an early start along a South Walton beach recently. Photo courtesy South Walton Turtle Watch.

Remember, beach goers are guests in wildlife’s natural environment

It is sea turtle nesting season in South Walton along our beaches. As of Aug. 5, 2011, 36 sea turtle nests have been laid this season, and more are are expected. There are also hundreds of baby turtles hatching in the evening hours along our beaches.

If you see a sea turtle, it is important to stay out of its way. Do not put your hands on or near the turtle. Any distractions may frighten or disorient the turtle. Do not shine bright flashlights around hatchlings headed for the Gulf.

A baby sea turtle has a long way to go to get to the Gulf. Photo courtesy South Walton Turtle Watch.

A lot of people like to dig holes in the sand. These are fine during the day but may pose additional hazards at night. Please refill these holes so that sea turtles and hatchlings do not get caught on their way to nest or to the water.

For more information about our local sea turtles visit:

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