An incredible school of bull nose rays captured on film in Santa Rosa Beach

May 27, 2010

A beautiful day brings special treat for beach goers on May 26

This beautiful school of bull nose rays were captured on video by South Walton photographer Fletcher Isacks. Fletcher is working on his videography business and works with his wife Lesley with her photography. Fletcher is currently working on a video with To learn more about Fletcher and his wife’s photography, go to:

About bull nose rays (Myliobatis freminvilli)
Common Names
English language common names for this ray include bullnose ray, blue-nosed ray, bullnose eagle ray, eagle ray, longtail stingray, sharpnosed ray, and stingree.
Food Habits
The bullnose ray feeds on benthic invertebrates including crustaceans and mollusks. This ray locates prey items by swimming close to the bottom and undulating its “wings” (pectoral fins) and uses its subrostral lobe to expose invertebrates from the sandy sediments.

Geographical Distribution
The bullnose ray is distributed subtropically in the western Atlantic Ocean from Cape Cod (Massachusetts) to the southeastern coast of the Florida off the U.S. It has also been reported, but not confirmed, in waters off southern Brazil and northern South America as well as in the waters of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.
The bullnose ray is harmless to humans.

Information courtesy Florida Museum of Natural History

    1. We were there that very day on Santa Rosa Beach. It was so amazing. They swam up and down the beach several times. Such graceful animals.

    1. That was something , I had the chance to see them last November 1st 2010 ( 2 days ago ) at Indian Rocks Beach Florida ,,, It was amazing beautiful several schools up and down the beach for more than an hour , everybody was exited !

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