A solution to a chore no dog owner likes

March 19, 2009

dogLocal company offers green alternative for pet waste management

It is undeniable, the family dog brings loads of joy and pleasure to your life.  But they also leave a lot of mess in your yard, and cleaning up after your pets is an unpleasant task no one looks forward to.

Now there is a local company offering an option to dealing with the nasty hassle of cleaning up after your best friend.  America’s Pet Waste Specialist, fondly known as your neighborhood Pooper Scooper, offers an environmentally safe service that leaves your yard free of contaminants, sanitized and deodorized.

Founded in 2008 after owning a similar service franchise, local entrepreneur, Niki Tudge, decided to re-brand as American’s Pet Waste Specialist.

Using her existing bonded technicians, Tudge has successfully embarked on offering the service across the Panhandle from Okaloosa County east to Bay County. In addition to being bonded and insured, Tudge’s technicians are also trained in dog behavior.

America’s Pet Waste Specialists offer a flexible service plan, and will come to your home on an as needed basis.
Along with their yard service, the Pooper Scoopers offers a service for small homes, condos or apartments without backyards. They will install an indoor “Doggie loo” on your balcony, or in your laundry room. A technician can service the Doggie loo” for you on a regular basis, leaving you worry free when you are gone for long periods of time.

One of the varieties of pet waste stations available.
One of the varieties of pet waste stations available.

The company also offers pet waste service stations, which can be installed in neighborhoods. The company installs and services the stations as well.

America’s Pet Waste Specialists can be reached at 1-888-Poop-Watch, or go to: www.petwastespecialist.com

About the Owner, Niki Tudge
Throughout her travels and career, Niki has pursued her passion of animals. Wherever she worked, she always became active rehabilitating abandoned and abused animals.

After working several years in Africa with projects involving successfully saving numerous orphaned chimpanzees, endangered drill monkeys and preuss monkeys, Tudge began her career as a family pet dog trainer.

Starting with German Shepherd puppies, deemed “unsuitable” for police work, she trained them to become wonderful family pet dogs suitable for adoption.

By teaching families to communicate with dogs and dogs to understand humans, Tudge believes we can significantly reduce the number of stray, abandoned, neglected, abused and unwanted pets through proper, positive training.

nikiIn addition to being the owner of Pet Waste Specialist, Tudge currently holds the following positions:
• Executive Director, Bay County Humane Society
• Vice President, Alaqua Animal Refuge, Freeport Florida
• President, Critter Care Services Inc.
• CEO of The DogSmith – Dog training and pet care